Sense Organs

01 Sep

          I was explaining to my senior class that there are verbs which can function both as linking and action. To help them remember those verbs, I wrote on the board the mnemonic FLTSS BRAGS ST for the verbs feel, look, taste, sound, smell, become, remain, agree, grow, stay, seem, and turn.  . I even told them that, for easy recall, they can consider that mnemonic as a family with FLTSS as the father, BRAGS as the mother, and ST as the child. I also gave them the idea that the verbs in the mnemonic FLTSS are related to our five senses. I was really determined to give my students an easy way of memorizing the mnemonic, but seeing their next teacher outside the classroom I hastily told them, “Class, for FLTSS, think of what your sense organs can do”. Suddenly, the whole class roared with laughter. It was only then that I realized saying “Think of what your organ can do” out of haste. It took me a while to regain my composure.


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