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A Letter to my Daughter for Her Retreat

November 11, 2015

3:03 AM

Dear Dimple,

Thinking of the many little fights we always have, I am certain that you will be more thrilled to receive a message from Papa. As a patient witness to our constant bickering, however, Papa thinks otherwise. It just dawned on me that this is your first time away from home and family. Quite honestly, I am happy. It’s not because your absence saves me from getting more wrinkles, but it’s because I am finally giving you your freedom to enjoy and reflect on every aspect of your life.

The cause of our little conflicts is always your baby brother. However, I know that deep inside, you love your brother so much and that you are prouder of him more than we are. I just want you to be extra patient with his naughtiness because I want him to remember you always as a very understanding and affectionate “ate”….so that when we’re gone, the both of you will not feel the loss of a mother and a father because you have each other to lean on. For that, while we can still say it, we thank you so much. And I am sorry for my imperfections as a mother.  It’s a blessing that you have the best Papa in the world to compensate for my weaknesses.

I guess you hate having a teacher-mother because of unwanted lectures. My incessant nagging does not mean that I love you less. I hope you’ll realize that it’s just my way of helping you become the best person you can be. With much energy, I always love telling you how I wallowed in an indescribable poverty when I was your age not for you to experience my grief but to use my experiences to fuel your own journey.

Papa and I do not live in a nonsensical fantasy of you and Ethan having luxurious lives in the future. However, we do think that it’s not a crime for parents to wish their children a comfortable life so that they may be able to provide for their own future family. We may not be able to give you everything your well-off classmates have (though you don’t complain) because it’s a luxury we cannot afford but we are thankful to God that, unlike us,  you have never slept with a growling stomach and that we are able to send you both to a private school. Remember, however, that the hardest battle you’ll ever fight is against yourself. As William Ernest Henley said in his Invictus, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul”. With this, Papa and I want to end this letter by saying don’t just fly, soar high! We love you, our only baby girl.


Mama and Papa


Please find attached one of my posts in my blog. You might be able to learn a lesson from it.

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