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Ethan practicing his piece, Parts by Tedd Arnold, for a poem recitation contest.

And this one was taken during the actual literary contest.


So, you think you’re just an ordinary person?

Then you start to notice things like your hair falling out

Is this normal? Or are you just coming unglued!

PARTS by Tedd Arnold

I just don’t know what’s going on

Or why it has to be?

But everyday it’s something worse!

What’s happening to me?

I think, it was three days ago

I first became aware

That in my comb were caught a couple

Pieces of my hair!

I stared at them, amazed, and more

Than just a bit appalled

To think that I was only five!

And starting to go bald!

Then later on (I don’t recall

exactly when it was)

I lifted up my shirt and found

A little piece of fuzz.

I stared at it, amazed, and wondered

What’s this all about?

But then I understood,

It was my stuffing coming out!

Then the next day when I was outside playing

With the water hose,

I saw that little bits of skin

Were peeling from my toes!

I stared at them, amazed, and then

I gave a little groan, huh….

To think that pretty soon I might

Be peeled down to the bone!

Then yesterday, before my bath,

As I took off my clothes,

A chunk of something grey and wet

Fell right out of my nose!

I stared at it, amazed, and thought

I should be feeling pain.

Well, wouldn’t you if you just lost

A little piece of your brain?

So now, today, I’m sitting here

Enjoying Dr. Seuss,

And suddenly I realize

A tooth is coming loose!

I wiggle it, amazed, dismayed,

Too horrified to speak!

Without my teeth, how could I eat?

I already feel weak!

Now I’m really worried.

I’m as scared as I can be,

‘Cause finally what’s happening

Is very clear to see—

The glue that holds our parts together

isn’t holding me!!!

And now I’m thinking to myself,

What’s next in line to go?

Might be my ears, might be my eyeballs

How’s a kid to know?

One day I might be playing ball

And have my arm fall off.

Or maybe I could lose my head

If I suddenly start to cough.

Quite soon I’ll be in pieces

A pile without a shape!

Thank goodness!  Dad keeps lots and lots

And lots of masking tape.

WHAT?  You forgot to tell me

That teeth fall out?

And when they do, some brand new teeth

Will begin to sprout?

My hair, my skin, and everything –

There’s nothing I should fear?

So all of me is normal!  Huh!

That’s really good to hear

Then tell me, what’s this yellow stuff

That I got out of my ear?  Ewww!



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